New Replica Tag Heuer Watches – Baselworld 2019

Baselworld is the unmissable event for those who want to discover all the Replica TAG Heuer news, and we at report them to you.

TAG Heuer Monaco Bamford 4












An iconic watch meets the king of customizations, or Bamford. The TAG Heuer Replica Monaco had never been reinterpreted in this way. In fact, with a sturdy carbon case and a totally black dial with blue chronograph counters, it represents an absolute novelty at TAG Heuer.

The carbon of the case with 39mm diameter, gives lightness and strength to the timepiece. This is certainly a daring aesthetic review, may or may not like it. I personally like it a lot.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Lady 32MM












A new version of the Aquaracer collection is born this year, the diver’s replica watches of the Swiss house. Equipped with the 9 caliber automatic movement, it is waterproof up to 300 meters.

The steel case defends the beautiful 32mm diameter mother of pearl dial, also available in a version with diamond indexes (black or white). The bracelet is also in steel, with a central polished link.

TAG Heuer Caliber 16











The iconic TAG Heuer Carrera collection celebrates its 55th anniversary with two new models with a vintage and sporty style. There is in fact the possibility to choose between a bracelets model with a blue dial or a model with a leather strap with a black dial. In both variants the red details stand out, with a sporty look in honor of the motor sports of which TAG Heuer is a sponsor. The case diameter for both models is 41mm.

The best Replica Watches with white dial

The classic and candid of the watches with white dial in beautiful craftsmanship and does not disdain sportiness. The return and rebirth of one of the most beloved colors.

The most classic and elegant colors for the dials, white, returns once again in vogue conquering the hearts of fans thanks above all to its versatility and wearability: the white dial goes well with any type of dress, of any color, making any complete even more elegant. Let’s find out together, then, which are the most beautiful and popular models.
Replica Watches with white dial, the rediscovery of an evergreen.

Rolex 70s
Large houses respect tradition.

In response, the most important companies did not wait: their collections respect this request for “return to traditions”.

Saxonia Thin clocks with white dial

The company “A. LANGE & SÖHNE “, for example, proposes the Saxonia Thin, a revisitation of the 2015 model with some improvements such as thickness, reduced to only 5.9 mm (the thinnest in the category), with an 18-karat white gold dial. A very elegant product of the highest manufacture, a real must have for those who adore the classic.
Do not miss the sportiness for watches with white dial
Watches with white dial Superocean II 36

Breitling Superocean II 36

The “Breitling replica” reinvents the white dial, inserting it into a sporting context, from professional diving. The model Superocean 36 can be immersed at depths that reach up to 200 meters and the dial, strictly white and easily legible, is great for the dark seabed. Thanks to its mechanical movement, the autonomy of this model is definitely not in question. In short, class, elegance and sportiness all in one product, resistant and of excellent quality.

Replica Omega 007 Specter Behind the Scenes

For the twenty-fourth time, there are so many (official) movies in the 007 series, Mr. Q explains to James Bond how they work the gadgets he will have to use during his mission. In the end he hands him the Omega 007 SPECTER and Daniel Craig, Mr. Bond for the fourth time, looking at him the question: “and this does something?”. The answer of the bizarre Q is as expected, in the canons of the purest English humor.
The Omega 007 Spectre replica watch worn by Bond is a Seamaster 300 with a vintage look highlighted by the shapes and cream color of the arrow markers. The Automatic Co-Axial Caliber 8400 is fitted with a technology capable of withstanding magnetic fields up to an intensity of 15,000 Gauss. It was introduced in 2013.

More information on the Seamaster Specter on the Omega website.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Replica Watch

A symbol of prestige and extreme taste, the new Rolex replica Oyster Perpetual Day-Date collection, presented to the public during Baselworld 2012, exalts the classic Rolex tradition, a reference for anyone who appreciates timeless elegance.

The first Day-Date model was produced by Rolex in 1956 and already combined perfectly sophistication and refinement. The world’s first clock to display the days of the week and month in separate windows was born to be international, being available in a variety of languages.

One of the most attractive female models shown at Baselworld was the New Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Everose 36 mm (reference 118235), a watch that reflects how few the personality and delicacy of the sophisticated woman.
The Oyster case is 36 mm in diameter and made of Everose gold, an exclusive replica Rolex alloy that features a blend of gold and platinum giving a brilliant, unrivaled shade of pink. Like all Rolex replica, the back of the case is hermetically sealed with a torque of 5 Nm, which allows to create an internal environment that protects the Perpetual movement and its bidirectional rotor from possible impacts, pressure difference, dust, water or any invasive element. The crown, also made of Everose gold, features the embossed Rolex symbol at its top.

The chronometer, certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), performs the functions of hours, minutes and seconds, as well as showing the days of the week and month, with maximum precision. To ensure that the mechanism does not suffer any external influence, Rolex replica watches created and patented the blue Parachrom spiral, produced in a unique paramagnetic alloy that is not affected by magnetic fields and is up to 10 times more impact resistant. The model is waterproof up to 100 meters deep.

The extravagant chocolate-toned background of the dial was decorated by the graceful effect of the sun’s rays. The exuberance of the model is due to the indicators of hours, in Everose gold and marked by eight bright little ones, besides two rubies in lapidação baguette, positioned at 6 and 9 o’clock. At the 3 o’clock position, the date display is located, while the 12 o’clock position displays the window with the day of the week; both settings are quick and easy to perform. The hour, minute, and second hands rotate around the main axis and follow the traditional Rolex design.

Reflecting the beautiful workings of the dial are the Everose gold-plated polished bezel, and an impact-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal that features the Cyclops magnifying glass over the date display, numeric display in 2.5 times for easy reading.

The same work that a master watchmaker has to adjust the movement of a Rolex replica watch, is also invested to assemble the bracelet. In all, there are over 100 small moving parts that have been designed and manufactured simultaneously to ensure a perfect fit during assembly.

The New Copy Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Everose 36 mm is available with Oyster wristband, with brushed elements at the ends and polished to the center. The Oysterclasp closure with Easylink extension ensures optimal comfort and maximum wrist safety.

Chopard Replica Superfast, Classic Racing

Chopard replica has recently introduced 3 more models to its line of Classic Racing replica watches. These are the new Superfast Automatic, Power Control and Chrono.

Produced with 18 carat pink gold case, the Superfast Automatic features the smallest box, 41 mm in diameter. The Power Control and Chrono models have a 45 mm box. Also in common among the 3 new models is the 60-hour chute reserve system.
With clean style, the Superfast Automatic is equipped with simple dial, with hours, minutes, seconds and date indicator. As its name implies, the Power Control has received the string reservation indicator at the 9 o’clock position and small seconds at the 6 o’clock position, in addition to the date. Flagship of the Superfast line, the Chrono exudes sportiness and features a chronograph flyback.

The new Superfast models are an important milestone for replica Chopard as they are the first copies of Classic Racing equipped with fully designed, developed and in-house mounted movements.

After all what is a ROLEX DAYTONA ???

First and foremost, it is a myth created from the master watchmakers of Rolex who, in Switzerland, created a “monster” of watchmaking that, combined with its low production, led to an obligatory piece in any collection of “assembler” or collector of replica watches.

Curiously the most coveted Daytona is made in less precious metal – STEEL.

Its production started in the 60’s with a manual rope Valjoux mechanism, it grew for 20 years, going through the crisis of the 70’s and 80’s with the quartz boom and the almost disappearance of the “clocks”.
These parts are nicknamed by “Pre Daytona” since few exhibit in their display the classification “Rolex Daytona”.

In the 80’s, Rolex replica replaced the manual rope mechanism considered obsolete by the “geniuses” watchmakers of the time, by the most reliable and developed mechanism at the time – El Primero Zenith. This automatic winding mechanism has undergone profound modifications by Rolex watchmakers, in particular at hourly alternations (revolutions), from 36,000 to 28,800, replacing, among other parts, the balance already used in previous models. The 4030 movement that gives rise to the first Rolex Daytona with the reference number 16520 is born.


In 1988, the Daytona was already coveted by collectors around the world and there were those who did not want to wear a Rolex Daytona on their wrist. This led to the fact that, in the early 1990s, demand greatly exceeded supply.

In 2001 Rolex replica watches made the biggest change. It comes to equip the model only with its own mechanism – Replica Rolex. The Daytona is thus born with reference 116520.

Curiously, the Daytona has always remained true to its information. Never presented schedule. The first reference of the Rolex Daytona was: 6238, passing by 6239; 6240; 6241; 6262; 6263; 6264; 6265. From the moment that it came to be equipped with El Primero machine, passed the reference 16520/19/18. Only after the introduction of the Rolex mechanism did he now have 6 digits in his reference: 116520.

As for those calibers that are affectionately nicknamed “Paul Newman” we will speak at another time.

As a curiosity, in the year 2016 was sold at auction a Rolex Daytona refª 6263 in STEEL of 1969 for the value of: 1.800.300,00 €. Yes.

ONE MILLION AND EIGHT HUNDRED AND THOUSANDS, plus commissions inherent in auction sales.

The Best Gift – A Replica Patek Philippe Watch Like Carla Bruni To Sarkozy


Well maybe I have exaggerated in the title with the replica watch, Carla Bruni gave a real Patek Philippe to Nicolas Sarkozy. Clock that, by the way, they tried to steal it after a meeting and everything recorded by the cameras … of film.

And not for less, I do not want to justify the thief but it is that the model that Sarkozy received cost Carla Bruni about 55 000 euros. In fact, when that happened, the most malevolent said that Sarkozy would take off his watch so as not to flaunt and make the humblest people identify with him.

But, I do not think it’s true because as you see in the photos Sarkozy does not hesitate to show off his Patek Philippe at all times. The model is the 5140G that undoubtedly combines pearls with a good suit.


Lately Sarkozy has appeared in the media for the so-called Sarkoleaks case, in which an ex-advisor has broadcast recordings of his talks with the French president. At the moment, Sarkozy will receive a compensation of 10 000 euros, with four more can return the gift to Carla Bruni and buy another watch, perhaps a replica watch.

The rest of mortals, while we wait for someone to record us so that he has to compensate us, we can be content with a Patek Phillipe replica to wear a good suit.

Replica IWC For A Style Like Carmelo Anthony

An IWC replica is perfect if you want to see like Carmelo Anthony, a great aficionado of watches, and in fact collaborates with Haute Time by choosing your favorite watch of the day. In the photograph, you see him with a very modern and colorful look completed with an IWC.

The specific model you see in the photograph is the Aquatimer Chronograph Edition “50 Years Science for Galapagos” and precisely because of its marine motifs it combines so well with the blue tones of the look of Carmelo Anthony.

But if you get scared by the very aggressive look of Carmelo in that photo, maybe you’ll be more convinced this one with a much more classic and good-looking look:

In this case the model is also an IWC that, as you see, is perfect with a brown sweater in a much more intellectual look.

Currently, Carmelo Anthony‘s time is focused on trying to take his team to the NBA play offs in order to thus fight for the ring. In summer, it is presumable that Carmelo goes to the basket world, which, by the way, will be held in Spain. It will be a good time to study the looks of Carmelo and of course, also, his watches.

If you like the IWC, but you find it too expensive, you can opt for an IWC replica that although it will never be the same as an original, yes that is valid to give a good aesthetic, modern and elegant image.