The vast majority of women today leads the Rolex wrist watches for men. Usually the fairer sex more like men wearing Rolex bracelets; it is fascinating to watch this advertising of the 60s and always find that today the most popular Rolex models are the long ones shown at the top !!! Surely that of Jennifer Aniston in the images above is a Rolex Day-Date President 36mm gold 18 k, we see down the front row on the far right. Who would have thought at one time that the most common women’s Rolex watches would be one day those men!?!


(Ed) As noted by a reader of Jake blogs, advertising is reported – in less than one line – the Rolex Submariner replica description (probably a Ref. 5512 with buckshot dial produced until 1977), which cost at the time $ 195 !!! Another curious fact, always with the “hindsight” is that this Sub is now worth more than the Day-Date in gold at that time cost nearly 5 times more. If there was a time machine, back in those years, one of those diving watches, for sure would go back with me …

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