Collection of the Breitling Transocean was recently enriched by a new model, a watch designed primarily for passengers, with interior mechanism developed in-house Caliber B04 – providing additional chronograph function and secondary time.

Breitling Transocean Chronograph GMT will be made in limited edition of 200 copies made of pink gold and steel 2,000 copies. His concept is geared towards comfort and functionality, it provided primarily by how easy adjustment dual time zone in increments without affecting the minute accuracy or secondary.
Breitling Transocean Chronograph GMT

Housing is relatively simple, with a diameter of 43mm and protective sapphire glass on both sides. The dial can be color or black arginitie, guilloché motif in the background.

Even if it is made in limited edition replica Breitling Transocean Chronograph GMT offers the choice between several types of braided bracelets or leather straps, thus accentuating the elegance and practicality rather.

Inspired by the eternal beauty of nature, Omega De Ville Prestige Lady has an appearance full of kindness and light, with a mother of pearl dial vaguer than distinguished silhouettes or pronounced numerous butterflies.
The Omega replica watch is made of white gold and measures 36.8 mm in diameter, is decorated with 50 diamonds set on the bezel. On the dial are found 9 other diamonds indexed zone, the other three positions being the Roman numeral XII, a field round for displaying the date on the bottom and a decoration paved with precious stones between 7 and 8, also under butterfly.

Glass cover has a curved shape and is made of sapphire and the strap is made of a soft leather-shaded open with a satin-like finish. Mechanism Co-Axial Calibre 2500 automatic type and incorporates one of the most advanced technologies.


By Parrot model, Cartier bring for the first time in the world of watchmaking technique called MARQUETERIA floral, used to capture the ephemeral beauty of flowers and character combined in this case with jewelers technology. The resulting model impresses with an explosion of color with a palette never seen, at least replica Cartier Ballon Bleu series.
To achieve this unique Cartier replica wristwatch, were selected first few flower petals, which were stained, fixed on a thin wood and then cut into the desired shape. This led to the multicolored parrot feathers, which appears more sensual and more fragile with the beak of onyx and emerald eyes.

Flakes of white and gray around the eye were made one by one as the technique of painting in miniature. The whole process of paving stones and precious decoration requires several hours of work, repeated for each copy individually.

The Aerospace is one of the peaks of the offer range replica Breitling, described as a multifunctional electronic device mechanism SuperQuartz, 10 times more accurate than the usual quartz. Occurred since 1985, Breitling Aerospace knew just launched a new iteration, which wants to be stronger, more dynamic but equally technical.
The control system of Breitling replica watches Aerospace Evo is quite simple and logical, which is sufficient to turn, pressing or pull crown to activate many features that is capable: chronograph hundredths of a second, stopwatch downwards, timezone secondary , alarm beep on the hour or an advanced calendar. Particularly important is the lighting system very efficient, readable and using lenses night (NVG compatible).

Breitling Chronograph Aerospace replica watches Evo has a slightly larger diameter (43mm) than previous models, a sniper engraved with the insignia minutes, index and indices redraw and a protective glass with convex edge. The casing is made of titanium and has a matte finish on the back is printed a set of units and their equivalent in metric / imperial.

Inlude a dial display analog and one digital LCD and background can have 3 color variations – Volcano Black, Mariner Blue, Tungsten Gray – catching hand and can be done with a leather strap, rubber or titanium bracelet. Optionally, this bracelet can be integrated electronic module auxuliar Co-Pilot.

Hello. Start by saying I’m new on this forum and I found him looking – obviously – to buy me a litter based.

After long searching I stopped the Tag Heuer brand. Many sell these replica watches with lower prices or higher.
There are some users selling Tag Heuer models with between 599 and 1,500 preuti Ron as the original. Wed hard to believe this aspect because nobody sells anything and if not profit.
Obviously we contacted a seller and his answer to my surprise I put the thoughts: I wondered why these low prices if the replica watch is genuine or replica and if you accept a check.


My question is: if those clocks (eg RPS 200-599 BELT AND FREE) are fake … I think you’re not so stupid (sucker) to sofas to go with a store Tag Heuer and we check those there.

My question is: is it possible to be original, authentic ??? (Has all the “acts”, 2 year guarantee, etc).

I mention that I was still with the Tag Heuer seller to check.

Please send your thank you in advance.