Originally built to measure time recorded in various competitions, chronograph may just as well and medical applications. In a pattern that repeats a theme first published ago 50 years, Longines replica introduces Asthmometer-Pulsometer or instrument measuring the heart rate and respiration, useful information as an athlete during training and a doctor for routine investigations .

Heritage is that collection from Longines which recreates the successful models of the past reinterpreted in a modern manner and updated. Like its predecessor appeared in 1963, Asthmometer-Pulsometer Chronograph has a size of 38.5mm reduced somewhat, but despite this has to dial outside two additional grading scale, one blue for the measurement interval elapsed during 5 cycles respiratory and one red for timing the time required for 30 heartbeats.


It is true that in today’s healthcare professionals have devices more accurate and tailored to specific needs, but Asthmometer-Pulsometer Longines Chronograph remains a reliable tool, perfect functional and the always available. Doctors and medical staff can as well choose to wear this watch in leisure or conference theme is elegant and expresses the very specific job.

Longines replica watches Heritage Asthmometer-Pulsometer Chronograph is powered by an automatic movement Calibre L652.2, an adapted ETA 2094 with 33 jewels and a power reserve 37h. Gripping the hand is made with a black alligator leather strap.

The price is about 1700 euros, an amount not great for a doctor of western medicine.

In a limited series of only 1,000 copies, Breitling replica Light Body Midnight Carbon black hide under a shell of titanium plated with a layer of carbon very light and strong, like that used in racing cars.

Can be found on the dial, this replica watch features two exclusive Breitling brand, recognizable by the red markings and curbs. One is roataţie chronograph period of 30 seconds, which can provide such measurements with an accuracy of up to 1 / 8s.
BR13725-Bentley LightBody MC_90x130.indd

The other function is a variable tachometer through a rotating bezel can compute units reported at different times and can thus calculate average speeds measured regardless of time, distance covered or the speed reached.

Breitling Light Body Midnight Carbon attaches to the hand with a black rubber strap, having a center ground granulated relief grille reminiscent of Bentley cars.

Ultra-sporty and elegant design is accompanied by the presence of another jewelry mechanical automatic chronograph mechanism COSC certificate for the accuracy and reliability to the highest standards.

Rolex is the most well-known brand in the world. The company is one of the best manufacturers of luxury watches and its products represent an absolute innovation. Rolex replica watches are a symbol of social standing and confirmation of the style and class one has. Particularly, the Daytona is one of Rolex’s most popular designs, both an exceptional model and a revolutionary movement.

We all dream of having a Daytona, but a Rolex is very expensive and for many people it is just an impossible dream. Fueled by our need to have a watch that is identical to a Rolex but costs less, replica companies began to manufacture Rolex imitations more and more accurately. Today, we can find replicas that have excellent quality and are identical to the original Daytona models.


But how do we find a replica Rolex Daytona that is the same as the original watch? How do we know how to recognize a perfect copy? It can be very easy if you follow these simple steps:

The first thing you should check on a Rolex replica watch is the dial. The sphere has to be perfect. A Daytona will never have discolorations or spots on the dial. This part of the watch should have a light white color. Hour markers are arrow shaped and are covered with luminescent paint. At the 12 o’clock position is the small Rolex silver crown as an hour marker. The small spheres have a shape of circles with silver outside and white center. The sphere positioned at 3 is marked with 10, 20, 30; The sphere positioned at 6 has 20, 40, 60 and the sphere positioned at 9 has 3, 6, 9, 12. On the small sphere located at hour 6 we find the word “DAYTONA” red in color. The hands are also made of stainless steel, and the two hour and minute hands are covered with luminescent paint that makes them shine in the dark. When comparing the original Rolex Daytona watch with the replica of these photos you can see that the fake watch has a dial identical to the original one.

The watch also seems to have all authenticity marks, such as the word Rolex engraved around the inside of the dial, the correct indexes on the stainless steel bezel and the serial number printed on the label with the green hologram. Also, the hologram label is well placed on the back of the watch.

After making a very detailed inspection, we have concluded that this replica Rolex Daytona watch with white dial is an exact copy. It respects the design of the original Daytona and has all the marks of authenticity. Actually, it is a very good quality imitation watch that could convince anyone who is an authentic Rolex Daytona.

2013 is dedicated to women at Vacheron Constantin replica, who presented at the fair in Geneva some exceptional new models that distinguish between Malte Lady and especially Métiers d’Art collection last called Florilege.

Every year Métiers d’Art collection brings forward a series of artistic skills and techniques rare or unusual, often in danger of disappearing or almost forgotten. Vacheron Constantin tries so keeping old traditions, demonstrating their applicability in an area as complicated as watchmaking.

2013 edition of the Metiers d’Art collection is the first of its kind made up exclusively of women’s watches, and is inspired by the world of diverse and highly suggestive of flowers. Starting from the first replica watches for women were seen mainly as jewelry and luxury accessories, Vacheron Constantin has developed a collection where art, technique and form an impressive overall delicacy.

Inspired patterns found on watch dials Metiers d’Art collection Florilege catalog is the “Temple of Flora”, appeared in 1979 and sprinkled with numerous illustrations of flowers in the purest and vibrant colors.


In conjunction with Grand Feu enamelling techniques as artistic, guillochage site and decorating with jewels, 3 Metiers d’Art Florilege models are presented as works of art. The artist responsible for all this labor is called Anita Porchet and their achievement involved the restoration and use of ancient instruments in accordance with the traditional arts.

Called Queen (ref. 82 550 / 000G-9854), White Lily (ref. 82 550 / 000G-9853) and China Limodoron (ref. 82 550 / 000G-9855) models that make Vacheron Constantin replica watches Metiers d’Art series are made Florilege 20 copies with bezel made of round diamonds and other 5 with bezel made of diamond baguette.

The mechanism inside is a 4400 caliber with manual reassembly, 127 parts and an energy reserve 65h. The housing is made of white gold and measures 37mm in diameter and alligator leather strap with a buckle closes Mississippiensis also sprinkled with diamonds.

Even if it is one of the most renowned manufacturers in the world watches, Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref chosen model. 7200 display reduced to the essential, without secondary, date or other complications, no crystals or diamonds, only the classic binomial hours-minutes.

The philosophy followed by fake Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref’s conception. 7200 is dictated by the phrase “form follows function” recovered along the entire collection Calatrava, from its appearance in 1932.

Reflecting the tradition of Patek Philippe replica uk to focus on the essentials, Calatrava Ref. 7200 removes any reason other entertainment and displays two forefingers Poire Stuart Classically schedule for those golden Arabic numerals and 60 points delicate arranged around a finely textured dial which gives a fluffy, delicate.

Turned over, Patek Philippe replica uk Calatrava Ref. Allow to see the legendary 7200 automatic movement Caliber 240 and his minirotor 22k gold. Made up of 161 components and 27 rubies, mechanism keeps an ultra flat profile with a thickness of only 2.53 mm. Not missing rounded Patek Philippe and Cotes de Geneve decorative stripes.
Designed for women who focus their full attention on the essentials, Calatrava Ref. 7200 symbolizes the essence of classicism and minimalism in horology, combined with the pursuit of perfection patek philippe aquanaut replica watches characteristic of any woman.