With a Breitling replica you will go as stylish as Beckham

Breitling watch beckham replica watches, in recent years, there has been an elegant sportsman, whose image has been a reference around the world, that has been David Beckham. The exjugador of Real Madrid and Manchester United, always looked after his image. I will never forget the anecdote that Ronaldo, after changing his shirt with Bekcham in a Champions League game, said that the English shirt continued to smell good after 90 minutes of game.


And indeed, that is David Beckham, a man with a perfect appearance that if he has chosen Breitling as his favorite replica watch brand, it will be for something. The model with which Beckham was associated was the Transocean Chronograph Unitime which has the particularity of letting you know the time in any of the 24 time zones by turning the crown forward or back as appropriate.

As we see in the photos, Beckham does not hesitate to wear such a model on any occasion. For example, taking advantage of his free time after retiring as a professional footballer attending NBA games. As an anecdote I will tell you that the good David was caught looking at the cheerleaders in an earlier game with what this time had to manage not to look at the attractive cheerleaders during their performances.

Anyway, Beckham does not want to disengage from football, and is trying to found his own franchise in Major League Soccer, so he is having some problems with the City of Miami.

So you know, if you can not afford to start your own football franchise in the US or wear a Breitling on your wrist, you can replace it with a Breitling replica so that at least your look has nothing to envy to that of David Beckham .

Breitling Transocean Chronograph 38 – vintage design for women with style

In a sign of appreciation for women traveling long distances than in personal or business, Breitling replica launched a model with a size more suitable for a woman’s wrist: Breitling replica Transocean Chronograph 38.

Inspired by the brand’s legendary models from the years 1950-1960, this watch is offered in a modern interpretation and individualized. Breitling Transocean female character’s Chronograph 38 is enhanced by the use of finer lines, rounded carefully.


The housing has a diameter of 38mm and is available in both steel and white gold, while the hand grip can opt for a woven metal bracelet or leather strap or crocodile Baren. Engraved on the back cover are two stylized aircraft, a symbol of the brand Breitling replica as is the letter B made of 18k gold on the dial.


Being a watch with chronograph, the Breitling Transocean replica watches has two side dials feature a spiral reason and index concave inside. Dial color can vary from black to shiny silver or a blue night.

Breitling Transocean Chronograph 38 is designed for women who appreciate the art of watchmaking is equipped with its own mechanism 41 Caliber Automatic. It is built on 38 rubies and is COSC certified chronometer for the precision level.

Breitling Bentley replica light body midnight carbon

In a limited series of only 1,000 copies, Breitling replica Light Body Midnight Carbon black hide under a shell of titanium plated with a layer of carbon very light and strong, like that used in racing cars.

Can be found on the dial, this replica watch features two exclusive Breitling brand, recognizable by the red markings and curbs. One is roataţie chronograph period of 30 seconds, which can provide such measurements with an accuracy of up to 1 / 8s.
BR13725-Bentley LightBody MC_90x130.indd

The other function is a variable tachometer through a rotating bezel can compute units reported at different times and can thus calculate average speeds measured regardless of time, distance covered or the speed reached.

Breitling Light Body Midnight Carbon attaches to the hand with a black rubber strap, having a center ground granulated relief grille reminiscent of Bentley cars.

Ultra-sporty and elegant design is accompanied by the presence of another jewelry mechanical automatic chronograph mechanism COSC certificate for the accuracy and reliability to the highest standards.

Breitling Transocean Chronograph GMT Replica Watch

Collection of the Breitling Transocean was recently enriched by a new model, a watch designed primarily for passengers, with interior mechanism developed in-house Caliber B04 – providing additional chronograph function and secondary time.

Breitling Transocean Chronograph GMT will be made in limited edition of 200 copies made of pink gold and steel 2,000 copies. His concept is geared towards comfort and functionality, it provided primarily by how easy adjustment dual time zone in increments without affecting the minute accuracy or secondary.
Breitling Transocean Chronograph GMT

Housing is relatively simple, with a diameter of 43mm and protective sapphire glass on both sides. The dial can be color or black arginitie, guilloché motif in the background.

Even if it is made in limited edition replica Breitling Transocean Chronograph GMT offers the choice between several types of braided bracelets or leather straps, thus accentuating the elegance and practicality rather.

Breitling Aerospace Evo Chronograph

The Aerospace is one of the peaks of the offer range replica Breitling, described as a multifunctional electronic device mechanism SuperQuartz, 10 times more accurate than the usual quartz. Occurred since 1985, Breitling Aerospace knew just launched a new iteration, which wants to be stronger, more dynamic but equally technical.
The control system of Breitling replica watches Aerospace Evo is quite simple and logical, which is sufficient to turn, pressing or pull crown to activate many features that is capable: chronograph hundredths of a second, stopwatch downwards, timezone secondary , alarm beep on the hour or an advanced calendar. Particularly important is the lighting system very efficient, readable and using lenses night (NVG compatible).

Breitling Chronograph Aerospace replica watches Evo has a slightly larger diameter (43mm) than previous models, a sniper engraved with the insignia minutes, index and indices redraw and a protective glass with convex edge. The casing is made of titanium and has a matte finish on the back is printed a set of units and their equivalent in metric / imperial.

Inlude a dial display analog and one digital LCD and background can have 3 color variations – Volcano Black, Mariner Blue, Tungsten Gray – catching hand and can be done with a leather strap, rubber or titanium bracelet. Optionally, this bracelet can be integrated electronic module auxuliar Co-Pilot.